MG42 Machine Gun

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Complete MG42 Pistol Grip & Housing
Original MG42 complete pistol grip + housing. Very good condition, some wear to the finish, grips ar..
German G43 K98 Mauser 8mm Broken Shell Extractor
  Original WW2 production, used in K98, G43 and other rifles to remove broken shell. Handy to ..
German WW2 Ammo Belt mg42 mg34 50rd links
Original WWII German production MG 34 /42 8mm 50 round belts. All are WWII proofed with either man..
K98 Mauser 8mm Bolt Extractor
New production standard K98 extractor, fits all standard K98 bolts in 8mm. Factory New, blued finish..
MG42 Bipod
Original post war German surplus production, fits the MG42 MG3 and M53 model machine guns. Surplus, ..
MG42 MG3 Bolt Anti Bounce Bolt Lock Reducer
MG42 bolt lock aka anti-bounce aka rate reducer, this device fits inside bolt and reduces the rate..
MG42 MG3 M53 Top Cover
Original post war surplus MG-42 top cover, compatible with MG3 and M53 machine guns. In very good ..
Original WWII MG 42 Barrel Extension
Original German WWII production MG42 barrel extention, stamped with manufacturer code and or waffena..
WW2 German Mg42 Mg-42 Bolt
  Original German WWII production MG42 machine gun bolt. Manufacturer marked and WaAA stamps..
WWII German MG34 MG42 Drum Magazine
Original German WWII manufactured MG assault drum magazine, holds 50 rounds in belt (sold separate..