G43 / K43 Rifle

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 ZF4  Rings replacement for German zf-4 sniper scope mount
High quality reproduction rings for the ZF4 scope mount. Same as the ones that come with our Zf4 mou..
G43 / K43 Ribbed Buttplate
This high quality reproduction G43/K43 buttplate is a near perfect copy of an original WWII one. Thi..
G43 Extractor Retainer and Spring for G-43 Bolt
  G43 / K43 bolt extractor retainer and spring, new condition, perfect replacement for that wo..
G43 Front Band
G43 Front Band, reproduction. Guaranteed fit and function. ..
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G43 Magazine, German G/K43 Rifle 10 Round Mag
G43 / K43 rifle 10 round magazine, 8mm, new condition. Well made and a fraction of the cost of ..
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German G43 K98 Mauser 8mm Broken Shell Extractor
  Original WW2 production, used in K98, G43 and other rifles to remove broken shell. Handy to ..
K98 Cleaning Rod for Mid to Late WWII German G43 K98 Rifle
Authentic WW2 German manufactured K98/G43 cleaning rod. This is not a repro! The threads on all the ..
MP44 Sling, German WWII StG44 G43 Rifle sling
Original post war military MP44 carry sling, in fine condition. These were patterned after the WWII ..
Zf4 Cap, German G43 ZF-4 Sniper Scope Mount Windage Cover K43
Excellent reproduction of a hard to find German WWII production ZF4 scope windage cap, Guaranteed fi..
ZF4 Mount, for G43 MP44 Rifles Sniper Scope
**Now back in stock** We also sell the Zf4 scope, see our other offerings. High quality repro..
ZF4 Scope for the G43 / K43 Sniper Rifle
High quality Reproduction ZF4 Sniper Scope for G43 / K43 and MP44 Rifles with built in rail.  S..
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