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 K98 Mauser Speed Milled Front Band
Original WW2 production K98 Mauser speed milled front band.  In very good, surplus condition, n..
Early WW2 German K98 Mauser Cleaning Rod No Serial Number
Authentic WW2 German manufactured K98/G43 cleaning rod. This is not a repro! (The threads on all the..
German G43 K98 Mauser 8mm Broken Shell Extractor
  Original WW2 production, used in K98, G43 and other rifles to remove broken shell. Handy to ..
German K98 Mauser Stock Handguard C Proof + WaA
Original German WWII manufactured K98 laminated handguard. Classic red glue laminate, has a unique..
German K98 Mauser Stock Handguard Gustloff C Proof
Original German WWII manufactured K98 laminated handguard. Classic red glue laminate with unique C..
German K98 Mauser WHITE GLUE Laminate Handguard
Hard to find white glue laminated handguard. Original WWII German production, NOT from a Russian o..
German K98 WW2 Mauser Walnut Stock Handguard No Serial Number
 Nice original German WWII manufactured K98 walnut handguard (not Israeli made or from an ..
German Mauser K98 Cleaning Kit Appel WaA67
Original German WWII manufactured "tobacco can" K98 cleaning kit. Top of box is stamped "G. Appel" a..
German Mauser K98 Gew98 Trigger Guard Triggerguard
    Original WWI-WWII period manufactured triggerguard,  will fit most Model 98..
German WW2 K98 Mauser Stock Cleaning Rod Nut
Original German WWII production stock rod nut, this is the part in the stock that the cleaning rod s..
K98 German Mauser Original Front Sight Hood
K98 front sight hood, original German WWII production. Made of thick spring steel. Very good + ..
K98 Mauser 8mm Bolt Extractor
New production standard K98 extractor, fits all standard K98 bolts in 8mm. Factory New, blued finish..
K98 Mauser Rifle Cleaning Kit Post War
  Original German Bundeswehr rifle cleaning kit, this is basically the same type as used durin..
K98 Mauser Sniper Safety
  Reproduction K98 sniper safety, perfect fit; excellent replica of an impossible to find item..
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K98 Sniper Buttplate
 Reproduction K98 sniper buttplate,  authentic look, anti-slip waffle pattern, exact dimen..
K98 Stock Recoil Cross Bolt
Original surplus stock recoil crossbolt, fits all K98 and Gew98 models. Condition is excellent, lo..
Late WWII German G43 K98 Mauser Cleaning Rod
Authentic WW2 German manufactured K98/G43 cleaning rod. This is not a repro! The threads on all the ..
Original German K98 Mauser & G43 Cleaning Kit Oiler
  Original WWII German K98 oiler, in fine condition, still very serviceable, no rust or damage..
Original German WW2 K98 Mauser Sight Ramp & Spring
 Original German manufactured K98 sight ramp. Condition is very good + with no rust or dam..
ORIGINAL German WWII K98 G43 Mauser Sling
Authentic German WWII manufactured sling. Leather and steel, standard length 120 cm, 3 hole patter..
Original K98 Mauser / G43 Sling Keeper / Frog
Original early brass button type K98 Mauser / G43 leather sling keeper (frog),  in very good co..
Original K98 Mauser Bayonet Lug
Original K98 Mauser bayonet lug, original WWII style blued finish, unmarked, perfect replacement p..
Original K98 Mauser Front Sight Blade
 Standard original K98 Mauser front sight blade in fine condition. ..
Original K98 Mauser Locking Screws
  Original military surplus K98 receiver locking screws. Very good to fine condition, original..
Original WWII German K98 Mauser Cleaning Kit
  Nice original German WWII manufactured "tobacco can" K98 cleaning kit. Overall very good cond..
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