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M1D Base for Garand Sniper Scope
Reproduction M1D Garand sniper scope base, new production. Parkerized steel. ..
Thompson  Drum Magazine, Model 1928 1921 1927 50 Round
Reproduction 50 round steel drum magazine. Fits .45 ACP models 1928, 1921, 1927A1 and currently prod..
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Thompson Grip Mount Resting Bar 1928 SMG M1 M1A1
  High quality reproduction Thompson 1/2 inch..
Thompson SMG M1 M1A1 1928 Handguard Screw
  New production Thompson handguard screw. Blued fini..
Thompson SMG M1 M1A1 Bolt Complete
Original WWII era Thompson M1 M1A1 SMG Bolt. Complete with extractor, hammer and pin, firing pin and..